Orange County – Rolled Aerial Map

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The 2020 Orange County Rolled Aerial Map highlights hundreds of market data elements including over 100 new and updated features embedded into the industry’s only proprietary GIS model built to assist real estate professionals, developers, utilities, and governments.  Use of Landiscor’s 2020 Orange County Rolled Aerial Map will:

  • Elevate your market credibility and brand image
  • Display compelling visual information for all your meetings
  • Demonstrate mastery of local market environments

Market Extents:
– North: Whittier
– South: San Clemente
– East: Lake Mathews
– West: Long Beach

Print Scale:
– Professional: 1.1” = 1 mile
– Classic: .73” = 1 mile
– Poster: .63” = 1 mile

– Typically 3-5 Business Days