Have you noticed that finding a current digital aerial image has become much more difficult over the last few years? Because of increasing flight acquisition costs and decreasing demand due to the free sources of imagery from online mapping applications and government agencies, private companies are no longer updating markets as often.

Even though we have stopped contracting new aerial flights, Landiscor still acquires the most current imagery available from a variety of sources and spends countless hours creating color-balanced, seamless mosaics and converting those into a format that is easily accessible by our customers. Our team of professionals has industry knowledge and expertise to help when online imagery from the search engines won’t work for your project.

The most common digital imagery options

Aerial Imagery

These high resolution images are the area where customers have seen the greatest change in availability. The standard resolution for most areas nationwide is 30cm (1-foot).  A few select markets are being offered at 15cm (6-inch) resolution.  Market updates vary widely, but are about every 2 to 4 years and the imagery is typically not released until several months after the flight. Through strategic partnerships developed over the last two decades, Landiscor can either offer this imagery to our customers or refer you directly to the source.






Satellite Imagery

In many cases, this will provide the most current option and is sold on a per square mile (kilometer) basis. The standard resolution for satellite imagery is 50cm, but some areas are now being offered at 41cm. This is a great option for remote or international areas of interest. Customers can choose from the existing archive or place a “tasking” order to have a new site collected. Because of the higher price point, our customers have found that satellite imagery is best used for smaller coverage areas instead of entire metropolitan areas.






Statewide Imagery

The lower resolution (1-meter) statewide aerials are a great, inexpensive option for customers wanting a current base layer in their mapping software or needing to show a large trade area on a demographic report. These images are also used to create large format prints that you cannot get from online streaming services. Landiscor now uses this imagery to update our wall mural and poster products nationwide. Most states are updated every other year.