Please follow the steps below to purchase a digital image file that can be used in your photo editing software or integrated with your GIS mapping application:




1. Define AOI. Contact a Landiscor sales rep with your area of interest (AOI). It could range in size from an intersection to an entire metropolitan area.

2. Resolution. Confirm the resolution and photo date of the digital imagery will work for your project by viewing sample images provided.

3. File format/size. Choose the type of file (.jpg, .tif, .ecw, etc.) and the desired output size (24×36, 36×48, etc.) if not purchasing a full resolution image.

4. Place Order. Complete this step by returning a signed quote to your sales rep.

5. Production. Once the order is placed, the team at Landiscor will create a digital file meeting the specifications provided.

6. Delivery. Many digital files can be provided within 1-2 business days and delivered electronically using a download link. Full markets usually require a flash drive or external hard drive and arrive to our customers in 3-5 business days.