Please follow the steps below to purchase a digital image file that can be used in your photo editing software or integrated with your GIS mapping application:




1. Define AOI:  Send us your area of interest (AOI) via email or over the phone.

2. Resolution:  Select the resolution and photo date you prefer (if given multiple options).

3. File format/size:  Choose the image format (.jpg, .tif, .ecw, .pdf, etc.).  Also select your desired output size (24’’ X 36’’, 36’’ X 48’’, etc.) if not purchasing a full resolution image.

4. Place Order:  Complete this step by sending approval or a signed quote to your sales representative.

5. Production:  Once the order is placed, we will create the digital image at the desired specifications.

6. Delivery:  Small digital images are often provided within 1-2 business days and delivered via email using a WeTransfer download link (note: all files expire after 1 month).  Files exceeding 2GB in size may need to be shipped via UPS on an external hard drive and could require additional image processing.  Please allow a minimum of 1-2 weeks for delivery based on the project size.