60 Years of Professional Real Estate Mapping

Landiscor Real Estate Mapping is the leading provider of aerial wall murals for offices and conference rooms nationwide. We integrate high resolution aerial and satellite imagery with useful GIS data layers to create huge wall sized displays with exceptional image quality. The Landiscor wall murals serve as functional artwork and can be found in thousands of conference rooms around the country. In addition to our signature wall mural product, Landiscor also offers digital imagery files and smaller aerial poster maps that contain the same great information, just in a more portable format. These informative and professional real estate maps are used daily by our customers and allow them to quickly and easily communicate growth trends, land use and market activity.

Landiscor is a pioneer in aerial mapping and has adapted and evolved over several decades as technology and customer needs have changed. However, one customer need that has remained constant is the demand for professional, high quality wall murals and posters that provide them with a glimpse of their entire market. This overhead view tells a story of the constantly changing landscape and Landiscor is dedicated to providing this tool to its clients. Our imagery product line has been widely used by companies in a variety of industries since 1955.

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