The posters contain the same information as the wall murals, but are delivered as a rolled print instead of mounted on gatorboard. Posters are also offered in a smaller size that is perfect for individual office walls or portable enough to take to meetings. The large posters are typically the same size as the “mini” wall mural. Because they are printed and shipped in a tube, with no mounting, framing or packaging costs, they are offered at a lower price point than the wall murals.

Landiscor posters include a current aerial image with detailed real estate information layers like land use, master planned communities, large retail destinations and major employers. They also provide general mapping data such as highways/freeways, major roads, municipal boundaries, airports, colleges & universities and points of interest.

Imagery provided by search engine mapping applications or other online services is at a much lower file size and dpi (dots per inch) in order to stream quickly and create a positive user experience. It is not designed to be enlarged to create large format posters. Landiscor uses the raw imagery and works with extremely large files to ensure that our products are high quality and the imagery and graphics are crisp.

Landiscor spends several weeks to create a poster for each particular market. It takes a team of detail oriented professionals to make sure everything is displayed correctly. The imagery must be acquired, then color balanced and corrected to provide the most visually appealing image. Once we have the seamless image ready, we use multiple GIS and graphics software programs to add all of the data overlays/labels and prepare the file to print.

All Landiscor posters are delivered as rolled prints and shipped in a tube. For maps that are mounted on gatorboard and framed, please visit our Wall Murals page.

The sizes vary based on the extents of the map, but most large posters have one side at 48 inches since that is the maximum width to keep it a single panel. The smaller posters are typically reduced in size by 33%. Exact size options for our off-the-shelf posters can be found in the Online Store. Custom posters can be any size, but if both dimensions are larger than 48 inches it would require multiple panels.

Many markets in the Southwest were updated on an annual basis for years, but given the limited availability of current high quality aerial imagery, we now update our posters every 2 to 3 years.

In order to produce the most visually appealing maps, the majority of our posters use aerial imagery flown during the summer months (May – September). It usually takes about 4 to 6 months for the imagery to be orthorectified and delivered to us after it is all flown. Once we have the imagery in-house, there is another 1 to 2 months of production time to gather the most current information and update the map. This pushes the release date to the following year. For example a 2014 Phoenix poster was released in April 2014, but flown in August 2013.

Landiscor uses three different printing options for posters depending on the size and quantity.  Durst Lambda technology is used for the large posters where both sides are larger than 42 inches.  Small posters (where one side is 42 inches or less) are printed on a Vortex 4200 with Memjet technology.  Custom poster orders where the desired quantity is 100 or more are printed using an Offset Lithographic Press.

Yes. Logos and other information can easily be added to the map. There is a flat fee of $100 to add branding with a company logo and hourly charges for additional custom graphics. We will always provide a graphics estimate prior to finalizing the order.

Yes. Landiscor provides custom area wall murals to clients on a regular basis. These are typically priced higher than our off-the-shelf products and require interaction with the Landiscor team. Please click HERE to get started on a custom wall mural.

Dry-Erase lamination is an optional finish that provides customers with the ability to write on the poster with a dry-erase marker and use it like a white board. This is a very popular option and also provides a layer of protection to the map.

Yes. Landiscor can actually ship posters worldwide. Shipping costs are calculated based on the quantity, size and distance.

Poster orders placed in our Online Store typically arrive in about 5 to 7 business days. This includes the time to produce the map and the transit/delivery time.

Off-the-shelf wall posters typically range in price from $350 to $950 and depend on the size and amount of information included on the map. For individual market pricing, please visit our Online Store.