Landiscor has a 60 year track record of providing high quality and extremely detailed professional maps. These are much more than just an enlarged aerial photograph. While many clients opt for our cost effective “off-the-shelf” products, it is possible to customize the maps by integrating graphics showing information pertinent to your company/project or adding custom finishes to the map to make it even more useful once it is hanging on your conference room wall.

Our standard production process starts with high resolution aerial or satellite imagery in a format that allows us to create huge wall maps without distorting the image quality. Then our mapping and graphics experts will color balance and enhance the image to ensure a visually appealing map. The full market wall maps typically include several standard graphics layers, such as: Freeways, US/State highways, major roads, points of interest, parks, major retail centers, airports, colleges/universities, and large planned communities. Some markets have additional information that has been added over the years based on feedback from our customers. Once the maps are created, they are mounted on ½” black gatorboard and include a black perimeter trim frame.

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The options below are the most common types of customization. The Landiscor team will work with you to provide a map showing exactly what you need.