Landiscor offers digital aerial imagery nationwide and also has partner relationships with satellite companies to provide global imagery options.

Most of the imagery we offer ranges in resolution from 30cm (1-foot) to 1-meter, although we sometimes have a few higher or lower resolution options for customers to consider. The standard file formats available are .jpg and .tif for images of specific sites, or .ecw for large coverage areas or full markets. For more information about the different resolution and format options, please click HERE.

These are common questions and the answer always depends on the area being requested.  Sometimes it was flown/collected in the last few months while a nearby market could be 4 years old.  In general, our aerial and satellite providers are still updating imagery every 2 to 4 years at varying resolutions.  Please contact us for specific photo date of your AOI.

All aerial and satellite imagery provided by Landiscor is vertical (straight down) and best used for mapping.

No.  Landiscor does not do custom aerial flights of individual sites.

Yes.  All aerial and satellite imagery provided by Landiscor is GIS compatible.

Yes.  This is a very common request as many of our clients purchase the imagery from us and then customize it for their marketing collateral and presentations.

No.  Landiscor has discontinued its PhotoMapper software and is no longer offering any sales or technical support.  All imagery is compatible with multiple GIS applications and photo editing softwares.

In many cases, it is difficult to tell the difference between vertical aerials and satellite imagery as they look very similar at first glance.  The resolution and accuracy of aerial imagery have traditionally been better, but the latest satellite technology has narrowed that gap.  Partial cloud cover has long been an issue for satellite customers, while most aerial flights are completely cloud-free.  Satellite imagery is often a better option for rural/remote areas or international locations where it would be cost prohibitive or dangerous to send a plane.

Tasking refers to a service offered by the satellite providers.  It allows the customer to request that a specific area be collected in a given time frame, usually within the next 30-60 days.  It is the equivalent of paying for a custom aerial flight.   New tasking orders require a 100 square kilometer (38.6 square mile) minimum area.

We do provide the option to add basic graphics to a digital image file.  These require approval of an estimated hourly graphics charge prior to any custom work being completed.

Landiscor offers different pricing options for aerial imagery depending on the customer’s intended use.  If you need a large coverage area but only intend to print a specific file size, we are able to calculate the price based on that size.  Obviously this will not allow you to zoom all the way in to the rooftops, but it will be a much more cost effective solution.  All satellite imagery and full resolution aerial imagery orders are priced on a per square mile (kilometer) basis.

Providing a .kmz or .kml file, shapefile, .tab file, or upper left and lower right coordinates in decimal degrees is the best way to communicate your exact area of interest.   Another option is to provide a map with your site outlined or send a detailed email with the north, south, east and west boundaries.

No.  We do not offer an online mapping service that allows customers to view our imagery.  We will email low resolution sample images or screenshots of your site before you confirm the order.

The biggest differences between our imagery and these online providers are compatibility with GIS mapping applications, the ability to create large format prints without losing image quality, and confirmation of the resolution and photo date.

Aerial imagery orders are usually processed within 1-2 business days and satellite satellite orders are 3-5 business days.  Files up to 10GB in size can be delivered electronically using a download link, while larger coverages must be shipped on a flash drive or external hard drive.

Please complete our information request form, email us at or call 866.221.8578 to speak with a sales rep.  We are committed to providing all of the available options for you to consider, or connecting you with the appropriate company or partner if necessary.