2015 Dallas / Fort Worth Aerial Wall Mural Maps and Digital Imagery Showing the Latest in Real Estate Activity and Development

The Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex is an area growing very quickly.  Since the 2000 census, the greater DFW area has added close to one-million new residents.  Shop For an Aerial Map NowIt is classified as the largest area, by population, in the Southern U.S. and the 4th largest in the entire country.  The metroplex covers more land area than Rhode Island and Connecticut put together.

This much population growth equates to a growth in jobs, housing, commercial real estate and infrastructure.  2015 Dallas / Fort Worth Aerial Wall Map Mural Close UpOne area that has seen its fair share of recent change and news is Plano, TX near Dallas North Tollway and SR 121 (Sam Rayburn Tollway).  Seen here our mural shows the Legacy area where the new North American Toyota Plant is being constructed and is the future site for Legacy West which is an expansion of the Legacy Business Park and offers everything from shopping, dining, and housing as well is the home of companies like JCPenney, FedEx, Pepsi, Frito Lay, Bank of American and more.

The only commercially available map that shows this level of detail and information on a scale that covers the entire metroplex area, is the Landiscor Aerial Wall Mural Map.Dallas Fort Worth Standard Wall Map  With our 10-layer GIS market data model we are providing clients with the market insight they need to have productive conversations and make more-informed decisions.  With dry erase lamination and magnetic backing options, users can interact with the map making it a perfect tool for meetings or presentations.

In addition to the Aerial Wall Map Mural, Dallas-2FT-Resolution-DigitalAerialImagery-SampleLandiscor offers the digital aerial imagery used as the base layer for the wall mural map.  This is a perfect addition to any mapping project a client might be working on.  Besides, what is a map with no image, right?
This imagery is 2 foot resolution and terrific for a quick snapshot of an area to be used in a marketing presentation for a particular property or site.  It covers 27 counties and over 22,500 square miles of geographic area.

Contact us today at 866.221.8578 for more information.  To learn more about these products please view our Dallas / Fort Worth Aerial Wall Map Mural or visit our digital imagery page for samples of the 2 foot resolution digital imagery.

Seth Koshinski