2015 Austin Aerial Wall Map Mural Now Offered in Expanded Version, Plus Digital Aerial Imagery Available in 2 Foot Resolution

2015 was a year that couldn’t come soon enough for some “Austinites”.  For a few years this market has been underserved by imagery and map products for companies needing to visualize and analyze the changes and growth the metropolitan area had undergone.  Shop For an Aerial Map NowMany felt like using their existing map or imagery was like looking in the past and they wanted a more relevant story to tell.  Well in 2015, the long wait ended and new Wall Murals and imagery were released.

Austin Standard Aerial Wall Map

Along with the many updates to the Aerial Wall Map Mural, we also created and released an Expanded version for the Austin market that shows more area to the West and South.  This expansion in coverage shows more of the San Marcos area to display the Tanger and San Marcos Premium Outlets along the I-35 corridor.  To the West, the map extent showcases the town of Marble Falls and the Canyon Lake area Southwest of Austin.  Featured communities on the map include Vintage Oaks, Mystic Shores at Canyon Lake, Waggener Ranch and Mountain Springs Ranch.  In addition to these additions, we have also placed an inset map of the New Braunfels area, shown below:

2015 New Braunfels Wall Mural Inset

In addition to the Aerial Wall Map Mural, Landiscor offers the digital aerial imagery used as the base layer for the wall mural map.  This is a perfect addition to any mapping project a client might be working on.  Besides, what is a map without the aerial perspective, right?  Austin 2 Foot Resolution Digital Aerial Imagery SampleThis imagery is 2ft resolution and terrific for a quick snapshot of an area to be used in a marketing presentation for a particular property or site.  The Austin imagery covers 26 counties and over 24,000 square miles of geographic area, including the San Antonio metropolitan area.

Contact us today at 866.221.8578 for more information.  To learn more about these products please view our Austin Aerial Wall Map Mural or visit our digital imagery page for samples of the 2ft resolution digital imagery.

Seth Koshinski